The 2022 Encore Performers Recital will be held on June 3-5, 2022.

We are thrilled to return to the stage this year for live performances of the recital.
More info regarding showtimes and rehearsals to come.

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Digital Recording!

Recital Video

All students will receive a digital copy of the recital! Families are charged a media fee of; $20 for those with students in 1-2 dances, $40 for those with students in 3+ dances. A digital copy of the show will be sent via email.


All dances will be filmed and edited together to create a full-length recital recording. This is a unique opportunity to experience performing on-camera! Please help us make this a smooth and enjoyable experience for the dancers by preparing for the following:

REHEARSAL WEEK | April 19-24
All classes will have a chance to rehearse in the large studio where filming will take place. This will happen during normal class time. No costumes.
In full costume, hair & makeup, classes will walk through the logistics of the filming process and rehearse their dances in the big space.
Lights, Camera, Action! We will film all dances during normal class time. Students should arrive in costume, hair & makeup and be ready to film at the start of class. WE CANNOT WAIT FOR LATE ARRIVALS - PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.
SHOWTIME! | June 12/13
Online Streaming Airs. The filmed dances will be edited and compiled into a full recital video. The recital recording will air online the weekend of June 12. Virtual tickets will go on sale in June.

COSTUME Info for Dance Recital 2021

Here are the tights, shoes and hair requirements for the dance recital. Please click below to view the costume information for each class.

Makeup & Masks


  • Minis & Juniors – no makeup required
  • Tweens & Teens – light eye makeup

You do not need to wear false eyelashes or rhinestone earrings this year. Please be sure to remove all jewelry and hair elastics from wrists, etc.

Face Masks
The studio will provide a face mask for dancers during the week of filming. Students should wear their own mask to the dance studio and then will receive their costume-coordinated mask from their teachers.

Shoes & Tights

Please check the specific costume information per class (listed to the left). Most dancers already have the correct color tights & shoes from their class dress code.

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Female dancers should wear a skin-tone leotard under their costume for coverage during costume changes. 

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Thank you for supporting the dancers and ensuring their attendance at all rehearsals and performances.  We will continue to update the website as more details become available; however, please ensure that you are receiving emails from