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Experience the joy of dance! From Broadway-caliber musical theatre to funky hip hop and everything in between, the perfect dance class is waiting for you. Our faculty’s contagious passion for dance inspires every type of dancer who walks into the dance studio. We are dedicated to providing quality dance education to all of our students in a warm, nurturing environment.
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Why Dance?

Dance is a phenomenal activity for all ages! Not only is it fun and engaging, but it also offers incredible lessons and skills that translate to all aspects of life outside the studio.

The Many Benefits of Dance:

☆ Physical Fitness & Coordination
☆ Cognitive & Memory Skills
☆ Confidence & Personal Accountability
☆ Social Development, Interpersonal Skills, Teamwork
☆ Creativity & Musicality
☆ Respect & Discipline

What Makes Encore Performers So Special?

Our studio was created to give students a place where they could escape the competition scene and focus on the most meaningful aspects of dance; the training, the performing, and the relationships. It is not about the awards and trophies. It is about the passion and joy of sharing dance with other people who love it too. Our talented faculty is devoted to creating positive experiences, giving students the tools they need to become confident dancers, and then watching them shine.

What is it like to be an Encore Performers dancer?

Encore Performers is a family made up of all different types of dancers with different goals and aspirations. Each student brings something unique to the studio. There is one thing everyone shares – a passion for dance.

>>  “Joining Encore from a ballet school has opened me up to new techniques, opportunities, and has broaden my views on dance. I am so appreciative and grateful to be at Encore, as the faculty is truly so amazing and supportive. I have been at Encore for three years now and it has become my second home. I Love Encore! ❤️” ~ Clarissa
>>  “This really is the place to dance! I’ve been at encore for more than 10 years and I have loved every second. I am forever grateful that my parents sent me to this amazing dance studio for the spectacular faculty, the comforting community, and the foundation every dancer needs.” ~Michelle
>>  “Dancing at Encore Performers is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so thankful my parents decided to send me to this studio 10 years ago. It has been an absolute dream! The training is beyond amazing and there is a wide variety of styles to learn from! The faculty is wonderful there and they truly care about helping their students to be best they can possibly be. I am so grateful for my time at Encore and the relationships I’ve made with fellow dancers and teachers!” ~Faith

Our Dance Programs

Our dance programs were created with all types of dancers in mind; those looking to take one class per week to those training for a professional dance career. All programs offer a wide range of dance classes in jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet/pointe, contemporary, musical theatre, more!

Recreational Dance Program

Our Recreational Program is perfect for students who are new to dance, students who are interested in a specific style(s), and/or those looking to take a few classes each week. In the Recreational Program, dancers create their own curriculum. They can take as many classes as they like, in whichever styles they like. Classes are available in all styles for ages 3-18; Mini Dancers ages 3-6, Junior Dancers ages 7-10, Tween Dancers ages 11-13, and Teen Dancers ages 13-18.

Intensive Training Program

The Intensive Training Program (ITP) provides a focused, well-rounded curriculum for dancers interested in taking their training to the next level. ITP dancers are required to take a minimum of 8 classes per week in jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop/contemporary/ballroom/leaps & tuns, and must maintain strong class attendance. Dancers ages 7+ are welcome to audition for the program.

Encore Theatrical Arts Project

Advanced dancers who are ready to take on even more might be interested in joining our nonprofit performing arts company, Encore Theatrical Arts Project (ETAP). ETAP dancers are required to train at a very high level, with 14 hours of technique classes per week, and an additional 6 hours per week rehearsing for the company’s Broadway-caliber productions.

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Our Performance/Competition Teams

The Encore Performers Teams are a great way to get involved, make friends, and experience more time on stage!

Our Hip Hop Crew is dedicated exclusively to the hip hop dance style. It is open to all of our students ages 6+ who have completed at least one year of Hip Hop. The Crew rehearses throughout the year to attend dance competitions & conventions in the winter/spring.The Hip Hop Crew is a great way to get involved at Encore – it is a relatively small commitment and a ton of fun!



The Encore Entertainers is our new jazz team! The team rehearses 2 jazz dances to perform at regional competitions & our performance team showcase in the spring. Open to all dancers ages 7+ who have completed at least one year of jazz.



The Showstoppers Jazz & Tap Team is our elite team for dancers in the Intensive Training Program. The Showstoppers rehearse three dances to perform throughout the year. They attend one convention of master classes, two competitions, and the Encore Performance Team Showcase.