COSTUME Info for Dance Recital 2021

Here are the tights, shoes and hair requirements for the dance recital. Please click below to view the costume information for each class.

Makeup & Masks


  • Minis & Juniors – no makeup required
  • Tweens & Teens – light eye makeup

You do not need to wear false eyelashes or rhinestone earrings this year. Please be sure to remove all jewelry and hair elastics from wrists, etc.

Face Masks
The studio will provide a face mask for dancers during the week of filming. Students should wear their own mask to the dance studio and then will receive their costume-coordinated mask from their teachers.

Shoes & Tights

Please check the specific costume information per class (listed to the left). Most dancers already have the correct color tights & shoes from their class dress code.

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Female dancers should wear a skin-tone leotard under their costume for coverage during costume changes. 

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Dress Code for Dance Classes

Students are expected to show up for class wearing appropriate dance attire. Please click below to view the dress code for each style of dance.


Solid color leotard, tights and/or leggings. Hair tied back in ponytail or bun.
All jazz classes will wear tan jazz shoes in the recital performance (girls).


Solid color leotard, tights and/or leggings
All tap classes will wear black slip on tap shoes in the recital performance.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop
Loose fitting sweat pants, t-shirts, and sneakers. Please allocate a specific pair of shoes to wear for Hip Hop class only – they should not be worn outside.
Volleyball knee pads.


Leotard and tights or yoga pants


Leotard for Class Level and Pink Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes
Hair tied in a bun

Combo Ages 2-4

Hip Hop
Loose fitting sweat pants and T-shirt sneakers
Clean tennis shoes
Volleyball knee pads.

Pink dance dress
Black patent leather tap shoes, Pink Ballet Shoes
Hair tied in ponytail or bun

Order Online!

Please click below to access our online options for tights, shoes, undergarments required for Class Dress Codes & Recital.  Jazz, Tap and Ballet shoes can first be fitted at the studio before you order online.  All orders are delivered to your home (not the studio).

Encore Performers Face Masks!

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Additional Options:
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