We have dance programs to suit every type of student. Whether a toddler or a teen taking their first steps on the dance floor or a more seasoned performer, wishing to advance their dance education, we have the class and level for you! Our talented faculty is dedicated to providing a quality dance education to their students in a nurturing environment.

Create your own dance program! Classes are available in all styles for all ages and levels. You can take as many or as few as you wish.

Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary & Theatre!

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Take your dance training to the next level! ITP is an exclusive program for dancers who wish to commit to a more rigorous dance schedule.

Minimum of 8 hours per week.

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Encore’s musical theatre performing arts company! High quality training and performance opportunities for pre-professional, aspiring youth. 

Minimum of 14 hours per week + rehearsal.

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All Ages, Levels & Styles! Dancers will develop skills, discipline and technique as well as age appropriate choreography culminating in the end of year recital performances in June.

Munchkins and Minis (age 2-6) explore the different types of dance in our combo classes designed for young dancers.
Junior Classes (age 7-11) provide a strong foundation for the developing dancer in levels 1-5.
Tween classes (age 10-12) are tailored specifically for this age group in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, and Hip Hop.
Teen classes (age 12-18) for beginners through advanced dancers, are not only for the teen student wishing to advance their skills and technique, but also for the teen just discovering the world of dance.

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Intensive Training Program (ITP) is an exclusive program for dancers with a more serious focus and interest in a potential professional career (dance education, performance, choreography). ITP groups students with similar goals, who have the projected physical and mental ability to maintain a rigorous training program.

ITP dancers are required to take a minimum of 8 classes per week (2 Jazz + 2 Tap + 2 Ballet + 2 classes of your choice). Prospective dancers must apply and audition for placement. Dancers younger than age 8 who are interested in joining ITP are encouraged to do the ITP Prep program, which introduces them to the more serious dance schedule at 6 classes per week (2 Jazz + 2 Ballet + 1 Tap + 1 class of your choice).

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Encore Theatrical Arts Project (ETAP) provides musical theatre education, training and performance opportunities to aspiring youth while adhering to standards of excellence in performance, choreography, musical direction, lighting, costume, and set design result in ETAP’s high quality productions.

Dancers are required to meet high standards of excellence in both dance technique classes (~14 hrs/wk) and weekly performance rehearsals (~6 hrs/wk). All ETAP members must take jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, contemporary and acting. Private voice lessons encouraged.

Company members must be able to juggle the responsibilities and commitments of ETAP, while maintaining good grades at school. Interested in being considered for ETAP? Reach out to Raynor at

Visit ETAP’s website for more information about upcoming performances!


Performing on stage is one of the best parts of dance! In addition to our annual recital, our competition teams and performance companies give dancers of all styles extra time in the limelight.

Join The Team! Find out more about our Hip Hop Crew, Jazz & Tap Team, and Encore Theatrical Arts Project!