The Encore Performers 2017 Recital will be held June 9, 10, and 11, 2017, at the Richard J. Ernst Cultural Center (NOVA Annandale Campus). The Junior and Teen level classes are split into two Recitals: Recital A- Teens and Recital B- Juniors. Both Recitals A and B will perform twice. Please see below for important dates relating to each Recital.
Our students have been working hard all year towards these performances! Thank you for supporting them and ensuring their attendance at all rehearsals and performances.
We will continue to update the website as more details become available; however, please ensure that you are receiving emails from us at Information relating specifically to your child will be sent via email. If you have not received any emails yet, please contact us to update your address.

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Picture Day:  Thursday, 5/18 4:30-9:30pm
Studio Dress Rehearsal:  Tuesday, 5/30 4:30-8:30pm  
Theatre Dress Rehearsal:  Sunday, 6/4 4:00-8:00pm
Performance 1:  Friday, 6/9 arrive 6:00pm, Show 7:00pm
Performance 2:  Saturday, 6/10 arrive 2:30 pm, Show 3:30pm


Picture Day:  Friday, 5/19 4:30-9:30pm
Studio Dress Rehearsal:  Wednesday, 5/31 4:30-8:30pm
Theatre Dress Rehearsal:  Sunday, 6/4 12:00-4:00pm
Performance 1:  Saturday, 6/10 arrive 10:00am, Show 11:00am
Performance 2:  Sunday, 6/11 arrive 10:00 am, Show 11:00am

Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is mandatory. Please check your email for the specific dances that your child will be performing. If you did not receive the email, please inform us at

Recital A and Recital B will each have a dress rehearsal at the studio and another dress rehearsal at the theatre. These rehearsals are imperative towards the success of the dances and the dancers’ confidence at showtime. We will post dressing room assignments mid-May. Please remember to send your dancer with their costumes, shoes, and tights as well as a light snack (nothing oily or greasy). Due to student allergies, no nut products are allowed in the dressing rooms.

Recital A – Teens:  Tuesday, 5/30, 4:30-8:30pm
Recital B – Juniors:  Wednesday, 5/31, 4:30-8:30pm

Dancers should arrive in their first costume and hair/makeup.  We will run bows first and then run through the show in order.  After they have completed their last dance, they may leave.

THEATRE DRESS REHEARSAL (@Richard J. Ernst Theatre)
Recital B – Juniors:  Sunday, 6/4, 12:00-4:00pm
Recital A – Teens:  Sunday, 6/4, 4:00-8:00pm

Dancers should arrive in their first costume and hair/makeup.  We will run bows first and then run through the show in order.  After they have completed their last dance, they may leave.  One parent/guardian is welcome to watch the dress rehearsal from the theatre.  

All dancers should wear skin tone undergarments as a protective layer underneath their costumes.  This ensures modestly both during costume changes and onstage. Ladies may wear either a two-piece (bra and brief/bloomer) or one-piece leotard style undergarment.  Gentlemen may wear briefs or tight biker shorts.  Teachers will go over details of all necessary hair, makeup and accessories during class with dancers. Checklists with your dancer’s costumes and hair and footwear requirements will be emailed early April.  Please ensure that you are receiving emails from

Shoes, Tights, Undergarments, etc. are available for purchase at the studio.  If possible, please purchase any new tights or shoes from us so that the colors match.

Order Recital Dancewear

Shoes/Tights Requirements:

  • Hip Hop – silver sequin high top (mini/munchkins), black Pastry high top (level 1-teen advanced), black high-top Converse (boys)
  • Jazz – tan tights, tan jazz shoes
  • Tap – black tights, black tap shoes
  • Ballet – pink tights, pink ballet shoes
  • Contemporary – tan tights (convertible, rolled up), barefoot or dance paws
  • Modern – tan tights (convertible, rolled up), barefoot or dance paws
  • Broadway Buddies/Musical Theatre – tan tights, tan jazz shoes

Stage Make-up:
There will be teachers and volunteers backstage to assist with makeup for anyone that needs help.  If you have a younger student, you will want to apply their make-up at home prior to their arrival for dress rehearsals and performances

  • Face:  Foundation to match skin tone
  • Eyes:  Neutral/Brown Eyeshadow, Black Eyeliner, Black Mascara, False Eyelashes (teens only)
  • Cheeks:  Pink w/Bronze contour
  • Lips:  Red

Costume Checklists (will be emailed April 3rd) will list the hairstyle assigned to each costume/class.

  • High Bun
    Bun at the crown of the head- will require hair elastic, bobby pins and/or roller pins for thick hair, hair net, and gel/hairspray to smooth down flyaways
  • Ponytails
    Height will be specified in Costume Checklist- will require hair elastic, bobby pins to secure, and gel/hairspray to smooth down flyaways
  • When checklist says “part on right side” or “hairpiece on top left side” that is indicating the dancer’s right or left

Group & Individual Pictures taken at the studio

Pictures of your dancer performing onstage


On Thursday and Friday May 18th and 19th. Photos of each group will be taken as well as individual photos of those who chose to order them. There are a variety of package options for your consideration. This is similar to the packages that schools and sport teams offer.

  • New this year… digital images of your dancer’s individual photo will be available.  In purchasing the digital image you will be able to make your own prints, use them on social media, your computer and digital frames. The group photo WILL NOT be available as a digital image. You will receive an 8×10 print of the group photo with the purchase of the digital image. Sibling dancers may be in the digital images but friends(other dancers)may not.
  • New this year… you may pay using paypal through my website. Directions on how to do this are on the PAYPAL DIRECTIONS FORM (included with the picture order forms above).
  • Directions on how to fill-out the Costume Order Form can be found in the DIRECTIONS COSTUME FORM (included with the picture order forms above).
  • All dancers ordering photos must have a form filled out for each dance they are in. They will turn them in on the day of the photos prior to the photo being taken.
  • You MUST fill-out a separate order form for each different dance that your child is in.
  • Parents MUST wait in the waiting room during photos.
  • Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. If your child is late they will miss the group photo but may still have an individual photo taken.
  • If you are paying via check…..a different check must be attached to each order form. Please do not write one check for multiple dances. Write a different check for each dance number. Thank you
  • Please let you child know that you ordered individual photos of them and in what numbers. If they don’t know sometimes they leave and a photo is not taken.
  • Siblings are allowed to be photographed together but friends are NOT.

QUESTIONS? Please email or call me.
Linda Helms
(703) 606-4997


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Just for Kicks
Richard J. Ernst Theatre
8333 Little River Turnpike
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Need to know the order of dances in each Recital?   CLICK HERE


Orders for Action Photos (actions shots from stage of your dancer) are still being taken.


Professional dvd’s of both Recital A and Recital B will be available for purchase. Order forms will also be available in the theatre lobby during dress rehearsals and performances.  ORDER NOW

We are proud to offer a professional quality show complete with professional lighting and set design. Please stay for the entirety of the Recital for the full experience! Teachers and Volunteers will be backstage to assist your children so that you may enjoy the whole show.  As with any professional performance, dancers are asked to remain backstage for the entire show, including intermission.  Dancers will exit through the designated stage doors once final bows are complete.