Dance Class Schedule 2022-2023

Our Fall/Spring class schedule for 2022-2023 offers a wide range of dance classes for all ages and skill levels in jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet/pointe, contemporary, musical theatre, ballroom, and more!


Our Dance Programs

We have dance programs to suit every type of student. Whether a toddler or a teen taking their first steps on the dance floor or a more seasoned performer wishing to advance their dance education, we have the class and level for you! Our talented faculty is dedicated to providing a quality dance education to all students in a nurturing environment.

Recreational Program – All Ages, Levels, Styles!

Our Recreational Program is perfect for students who are new to dance and/or those looking to take a few classes each week. Dancers develop skills, discipline and technique, and will learn age appropriate choreography culminating in the end of year recital performances.

There are recreational classes available in all styles for ages 3-18; Mini Dancers ages 3-6, Junior Dancers ages 7-10, Tween Dancers ages 11-13, and Teen Dancers ages 13-18.

Create your own dance program! You can take as many or as few classes as you wish: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre. Look for the classes shown in green!

Intensive Training Program (ITP) – Take your training to the next level!

For dancers interested in a more serious education, the Intensive Training Program provides a focused, well-rounded curriculum that takes dancers to the next level. ITP dancers must take a minimum of 8 classes per week (2 jazz, 2 tap, 2 ballet, 2 electives) and must maintain strong class attendance. Dancers ages 7+ are welcome to audition for the program. ITP classes are shown in blue!

Encore Theatrical Arts Project (ETAP) – Pre-Professional Performing Arts Company

Advanced dancers who are ready to take on even more might be interested in joining our nonprofit performing arts company, Encore Theatrical Arts Project. ETAP dancers are required to train at a very high level, with 14 hours of technique classes per week, and an additional 6 hours per week rehearsing for the company’s Broadway-caliber productions. ETAP classes can be found on the schedule in purple. 

Competition/Performance Teams

Looking for more time on stage? Our Encore Performers Teams are a great way to get involved, make friends, and have more performance opportunities! The Hip Hop Crew & The Encore Entertainers teams are open to dancers who have at least one year of dance experience. Weekly rehearsals for all teams will be held on Mondays. These are marked on the schedule in red. 


FALL/SPRING 2022-2023

Dance Registration 2022-2023

Recreational Dance Classes

Our Recreational Program is perfect for students who are new to dance and/or those looking to take a few classes each week. There are classes available in all styles for ages 3-18!

☆ Mini Dancers:  Ages 3-6
☆ Junior Dancers: Ages 7-10
☆ Tween Dancers: Ages 11-13
☆ Teen Dancers: Ages 13-18

Class levels go from Level 1-4; 1 being entry-level, 4 being more advanced. Students who are new to dance or new to a specific style of dance should register for the level 1 class options. Level 2+ requires prior dance experience. If you are unsure which level is the appropriate fit for your dancer, give us a call at 703.222.5511 and we can provide guidance/suggestions.


Recreational Classes By Age & Level

Munchkin & Mini Classes
Age 2-6

All Recreational Classes By Dance Style

Intensive Training Program (ITP)*

The Intensive Training Program is designed to develop well-rounded dancers. Students in the program commit to a rigorous schedule, taking dance classes in all styles (Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary). ITP dancers are invited to join to the Showstoppers Jazz & Tap Performance Team. Interested in joining ITP? Learn More!

*Audition required for placement.

Encore Theatrical Arts Project (ETAP)*

Encore Theatrical Arts Project is our 501(c)(3) nonprofit performing arts company, providing pre-professional training and performance opportunities to aspiring youth. Company members devote 20 hours/week to technique classes and rehearsals, and perform in musical theatre productions throughout the year. Learn more about ETAP!

*Audition required for placement.