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Combo II and Combo III

Combo III is an introduction to Ballet, Tap and Jazz in an hour-long class. Students begin to learn the basic movements of each technique, while expanding their creativity. Munchkin – Ages 3-4, Mini – Ages 5-6


This class utilizes improvisational exercises and written texts to guide the student. The class instills basic principles of good acting and fosters a connection towards fellow actors.

Broadway Buddies and Broadway Bound

This class explores and reinforces acting, singing and dancing techniques and styles. Performance pieces and materials are introduced culminating in a final performance (recital). Broadway Buddies is for Grades 1-3. Broadway Bound is for Grades 4-6.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is an exploration of singing, dancing and acting for the teenage student. The class culminates in a song and dance number in the recital. Classes are separated for Middle School students and for High School Students.


Each Ballet class starts with exercises at the barrè, taking students through basic technique and developing the Ballet foundation, which assists in all styles of dance. Dancers are trained to work in turnout and develop core strength to support their bodies, while gracefully moving through the dance space.


Pointe is only offered to students after a consultation with a Ballet teacher. The class offers the basics of dancing on Pointe and builds the necessary strength in a dancer’s ankles and feet.


Through the use of isolations, balance, and strength, Jazz offers an expansion of basic Ballet technique, while incorporating Encore’s signature Musical Theatre style. Students are exposed to a variety of music and movement, learning the many styles of classical jazz.


Encore offers a combination of Rhythmic and Broadway Tap in each class from beginner to advance. The fundamental basic Tap steps are learned in lower level classes, giving students a foundation to advance. Dancers are taught to hear and create rhythm with an emphasis on good Tap technique.

Leaps and Turns

A full-hour class devoted to across-the-floor Jazz technique. The class is a nice compliment to Jazz, giving students  an opportunity to improve on leaps and turns.

Hip Hop

Often referred to as Street Dance, Hip Hop is a technique grounded into the floor and taken from the movements created in Street Dancing. It is an ever evolving style of dance that is derived from the Hip Hop music for which it is named. The classes give students a chance to Free Style and learn choreography.

Pop N Lock

The popular dance technique used often in Hip Hop and breakdancing.  Students learn the quick tensing and releasing of muscles, often the arms, legs, back, chest and neck which creates the pop effect. Locking involves a lot of pauses, wrist rolls, bounces, and points.


Modern is an approach to movement through free dance. Students build an awareness of their body and the space in which they move. Using a strong Ballet base, students develop expressive movement deriving from Classical Modern technique. Dancer’s learn to appreciate and highlight their individual movement style and expression.


Contemporary dance combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet. Dancers will learn versatility and fluid movement using improvisation and expand upon their jazz technique.